Advice on innovation and digital transformation

We increase your competitiveness sustainably and advise you holistically from the strategy development to the marketing of your services and products. To this end, we have specialized in consulting on innovation and increasing efficiency.

Organizational development: Increase innovative strength and competitiveness

We advise you so that your organization generates more innovations and your competitiveness is secured in the long term and sustainably. With the right advice, the digital transformation and the cultural change towards an innovation culture will be a success.

  • Audit and benchmarking
  • Vision and strategy development
  • Scouting and Research
  • Further development of the innovation culture
  • Organizational analysis
  • Process design and optimization
  • Innovation management and controlling
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Innovation projects: Successfully develop and market innovations

We work with you to translate your innovative ideas into successful products and to market them successfully.

  • Future scenarios
  • Product visions
  • Analysis of search fields
  • Customer journey
  • Use cases
  • Competitive analysis
  • Generation of ideas
  • Design for the future
  • Solution concepts
  • Product development
  • Business modeling

Open innovation: Develop internal and external innovation potential

We are experts when it comes to digital innovation processes. Thanks to our expertise, you can leverage potential within your company or organization and beyond.

  • Networks for innovation
  • Cross-company innovation management
  • Open innovation workshops and campaigns
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Customer Insights
  • Co-innovation projects
  • Innovation cluster management
  • Innovation eco-management
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The core of our advice

We achieve your goals by increasing your innovative strength and efficiency in your company.

Increase your innovative strength

  • Develop new or optimized business models
  • Shaping visions for products and services
  • Promote the culture of innovation in your company
  • Build pipelines for ideas

Increase your efficiency

  • Accelerate the processes from idea to market launch
  • Increase the agility of your organization and processes
  • Lower production and logistics costs
  • Modularize the products
  • Check make-cooperate-buy options

We shape the future

We ensure that your innovation strategy has a lasting positive effect on your business results.

We open up networks for innovations

We activate interdisciplinary cooperation in your company and promote cooperation between companies.

We advise holistically

We pursue a holistic consulting approach, which for your innovation
management can be used systematically.

Our methods

Scientifically based methods, established and standardized models, 25 years of experience in selecting, applying and evaluating the right consulting toolbox for your individual situation.

Analysis of search fields

We identify search fields for innovations based on the company’s current and future business model. Functionally structured radar systems for innovations are set up for each search field: innovation radars.

Future scenarios

As part of strategic innovation planning, we develop future scenarios for possible customer solutions. After analyzing the customer’s current ecosystem and possible trends, possible future scenarios are developed for an area of application. Based on these future scenarios, innovation goals, product and technology roadmaps are derived after a strategic assessment.

Business Modeling

We develop alternative business models based on the current strengths, market opportunities and possible innovation potential for the customer. We use the St. Gallen Business Model Navigator.

Design Thinking

We use design thinking to develop product visions and innovations. We proceed in five phases:
1. Building Empathy: Understanding users’ needs, desires, and experiences through observation and interaction.
2. Define the problem: Identify and formulate the core problem from the user’s perspective.
3. Generate Ideas: Develop a variety of creative solutions through brainstorming and other techniques.
4. Prototype: Quickly develop tangible models or services to illustrate and test ideas.
5. Testing: Reviewing prototypes with users to collect feedback and further refine solutions.

Product visions

We develop a future picture for a future solution taking into account the relevant trends. In this future vision, a complete solution scenario is described and visually presented.

Customer journey

As part of a customer journey, we collect the entirety of all experiences that a customer has with a brand, product or service across various touchpoints. This process extends from initial perception or awareness of a product or service to purchase and beyond, including use and possibly recommendation or repurchase. On this basis, we identify potential for innovation and improvement in the life cycle of the product or service.

Value proposition design

As part of innovation management, we define personas for the target customer segments and describe their activities, their wishes and pain points. This is an important basis for developing products specifically for the customer profile and successfully marketing the products.

Competitive analysis

We use the Porter’s Five Forces method to analyze a market. This method is supplemented by a product-specific competition analysis based on prioritized customer requirements.

Networks for innovation

Based on a company’s current networks, we develop a systematic innovation network with scouts and external partners. This network provides impulses for innovation and provides the basis for cooperative innovations.

Open innovation workshops and campaigns

As a rule, the innovation potential in the core competencies of a company has been identified and already taken into account in innovation planning. Especially for technology leaders, the greatest innovation potential lies in technology areas outside of a company’s core competencies. We systematically investigate in open innovation workshops where new areas of innovation may lie.

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