Are you dealing with Industry 4.0 for your production and would like to understand the most important basics first? Are you thinking about connecting an IIoT hub to your production and are you looking for a suitable system? Our practical manual gives you an initial overview including the most important definitions and checklists.

Basics, checklists and more

In the PDF we first explain basic terms such as inline quality control, predictive maintenance and digital twins as well as the most important basic concepts. We provide an overview of the benefits of IIoT and how you can easily benefit from it. With the help of checklists, you can keep track of things and ask service providers the right questions about IIoT platforms.

PDF: Getting Started with IIoT – Practical Guide

    • Eight-page practical guide for companies planning to get started with Industry 4.0 for their production Definitions
    • What is Industry 4.0? And what IIoT?
    • What exactly is an IIoT platform?
    • How exactly can you benefit as a company and on what scale?
    • Where is the lever for optimization and savings?
    • How do you specifically approach the introduction of an Industry 4.0 platform?
    • Checklists for the most important considerations in advance and the top security criteria of a platform

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